Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fuck It

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Anonymous said...

Ten - 10! - choices! A good start to a good morning! Most of them muscular. Muscular enough, certainly, for a picky connoisseur of muscularity like me!
Let's see, #7's butt belongs to somebody I know/recognize! - that's Billy Herrington! (I just LOVE him - bless his heart - & all the rest of his adorable body!) BTW, beloved Billy Boy will be 44 on this (2013) July 14th. A Bastille Day boy!
But his butt has been bitten enough - for the time being...(wink!wink!) So, let me try on for size, #s 1 & 4! They appeal to me most.
Ulf, dearest, could you introduce me to them? Names? Now have them turn around. I hope their fronts are as good as their backs.
(You know, after I'm done fucking them, maybe I'll audition them as to singing. If they warble prettily, I could start a Boi Band called the "Billy & the Backside Bois"!