Friday, July 12, 2013

Lionsgate Entertainment Statement About ‘Ender’s Game’

Distributors for the forthcoming "Ender's Game" movie are sounding off on the media furor over the anti-gay views of author Orson Scott Card, on whose book the anticipated blockbuster is based.
In response to the controversy, Lionsgate Entertainment officials released the following statement, as cited by The New York Times:
"As proud longtime supporters of the LGBT community, champions of films ranging from 'Gods and Monsters' to 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and a company that is proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years, we obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage. However, they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of 'Ender’s Game.'"
After officials note that Card's personal views are "completely irrelevant" to the film, the statement continues:
"Lionsgate will continue its longstanding commitment to the LGBT community by exploring new ways we can support LGBT causes and, as part of this ongoing process, will host a benefit premiere for 'Ender’s Game.'"
Whether or not Lionsgate's vow will be enough to quiet the ongoing dispute remains to be seen. Last week, members of Geeks OUT launched "Skip Ender's Game," a campaign asking LGBT rights advocates and allies to "keep your money out of Orson Scott Card’s pockets" by opting out of seeing "Ender's Game" in theaters when the film is released in cinemas on Nov. 1. The group is also reportedly organizing a series of "Skip Ender's Game" events in New York, Orlando, Seattle and other major U.S. cities to coincide with the movie's debut.
A Mormon and National Organization for Marriage board member, Card also responded to the controversy directly, noting, " With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot."
He then added, "Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute."
It isn't the first time the author's conservative stance on the LGBT community has sparked controversy. In March , illustrator Chris Sprouse reportedly dropped out of an upcoming "Adventures of Superman" issue written by Card and Aaron Johnston amid media criticism of Card's anti-gay views.
In previous years, Card implied that any government which allowed same-sex marriage was his "mortal enemy," and even referred to same-sex attraction as a “reproductive dysfunction” in a 2012 Rhinoceros Times opinion piece penned in support of North Carolina's Amendment One.
My response to Lionsgate is fairly simple,  you chose to work with this man knowing full well his views and also knowing the huge controversy he stirred at DC comics when doing a limited series comic for them on Superman.
Trying now to separate the man from his beliefs and his writings are asinine and if you seriously think by having a *special* gay premiere version/presentation with proceeds from this *one time* event going to some gay charity proves your gay supportive beliefs...think again.
Your only concern from the beginning was making money, money that will most assuredly benefit Orson Scott Card and help support his heterosupremist poison.
Money I can guarantee, will far outweigh any monetary commitment you make to gay charities. 
Your banking on the gay community to turn the other cheek by offering a superficial and totally artificial "We're gay friendly" statement is quite frankly offensive and disgusting.
I personally hope this backfires in your face and hits your company right where it will hurt the most...your bank account!

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won't be getting my gay money.