Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli: Gays And Lesbians Still 'Harmful To Society'

Yesterday, Republican State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli reiterated his beliefs about gays and lesbians during a heated debate with his Virginia gubernatorial opponent Terry McAuliffe.
Politico reports on how Cuccinelli responded to a question by moderator Judy Woodruff in which she asked if he still agreed that homosexuality was “against nature and harmful to society":
“My personal beliefs about the personal challenges of homosexuality haven’t changed,” he said at one point. “What I want to do as governor is create an environment, including an economic environment, where every Virginian has the opportunity to succeed.”

“The notion that because I believe marriage ought to be protected, because I believe life begins at conception — just like hundreds of thousands of independents and Democrats — this isn’t just me, it isn’t just Republicans,” he said. “There are lots of Virginians, millions, perhaps, of Virginians, who share my sincerely held beliefs.”
He may not have seen the new poll released a few days ago which revealed that 50 percent of Virginians support same-sex marriage.
According to The Washington Post, pro-marriage equality supporter McAuliffe's stance on the topic: "On gay marriage, McAuliffe said he would sign a bill overturning Virginia’s ban on such unions if it reached his desk, but he said that was unlikely given the makeup of the General Assembly."
By "creating an environment" that he feels will help homosexual Virginians succeed, he is of course meaning, mandatory reparative therapy or face jail time for being homosexual.
So, this is what a decent, wholesome Christian looks like?
Seems to be the case, since Christians are the ones who put him in office.
With all the diverted funds for transportation one must wonder if perhaps he's saving the money for the gulags his kind hope to build too dispense Christian love and scriptural justice on the heathen homosexuals.



Anonymous said...

It's sad, I love Virginia and the beauty of the state but as more and more nutjobs like this get elected there I simply can't see spending my vacation dollars in the state.


Ulf Raynor said...

Gregorio, don't fret, there's hope for Virginia...after all, I was born there.