Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The CEO Of Stoli Vodka Speaks To Michael Signoreli

I think, as a community, we need to learn from our mistakes and I believe this ban on Stoli (which has been a supporter of the gay community for years) was a misguided one from the start, this interview with the CEO of Stoli has only served to convince me, that gay activist and the community at large are just jumping on a bandwagon, ill informed and doing what we ourselves loath, being marginalized and accused of something we are not guilty of.
I fully understand the communities need to feel productive in helping our gay brothers and sisters in Russia, but attacking a company that isn't even allowed to sell Vodka in Russia and whose parent company is based in Luxembourg is just mean spirited and harmful, and feels more like we a cutting our noses off in spite our face.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies (and some of us are just plan DUMB for not having a fucking clue what is going on in the world yet take every opportunity to jump in front of a camera to play the "victim" role.)


jack said...

I agree --this boycott was not thought out from the very beginning.