Friday, March 14, 2014

"Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner"

As a man who grew up with an evangelical military father, who struggled with his faith and with the love for a gay son, most of our *debates* would end with him saying this phrase to me.
I always HATED this statement and after one such debate, years later, after uttering this statement one time to many, I was just pissed enough to confront him with how it made me feel.
I simply stated:
"But you Christians do no such thing, you hate homosexuals and just use that crappy sentence to cover up your hatred, just to make yourselves feel better about it.
It's belittling, berating and complete nonsensical bullshit and if you ever say it to me again, I can assure you, it will be the last time we speak."
My father had the good sense to apologize, I just wish they all could see how they use their religion to justify the evil that they do, in Gods name.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just to add a thought. The phrase should say "Love the sinner, forgive the sin," since hate itself is antichristian and Jesus never said a word against homosexuality. However, if we replace the word 'sin' with 'nature' then we have the truth to it all. We are as we were born to be. And these hateful people are actually being Hebrew, not Christian. I now better understand the anger in many of your reply's. Be at peace because you are loved by your man and admired by others for taking a stand. We'll get there. B

Daddy said...

Beautifully said and right on!

taco said...

I resent the fact that Anonymous insinuates that Atlah people are Hebrews. He's spouting the same twisted logic that Mr. Manning (a teller of hateful and outrageous lies) speaks.