Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia watch the most gay porn

According to PornHub, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia come in first, second and third in the rankings, while Alabama and Florida also feature in the top ten.
Despite apparently large LGBT communities, none of the top three states offer protection from discrimination for gay people, and all three ban same-sex marriage.
However, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota and Idaho consume the lowest amount of gay porn.
Mississippi, which accounts for a hefty 5.58% of gay porn consumption in the US, was named the least tolerant state towards gay people last year.

Politicians in the state will presumably be shocked to find out just how many gay citizens they have.


Anonymous said...

I also read somewhere a while back that despite all the Mormons, Utah watches a large amount of GAY porn.

Ulf Raynor said...

Saw the same article, and yes they do, but the most homophobic state (Mississippi) holds the record for most watched gay porn.
Say's a lot don'tchya think?