Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heads Up!

After a lot of hard work on the part my UK friend Steve, there's now a tumblr blog of a huge sampling of my artwork (roughly a thousand pics) simply titled: Just Ulf's Art
He also painstakingly grouped a good number of my serial's into a separate section, for all those inclined to view these stories in their entirety.
You'll find a link to the site in the right hand sidebar, I have also added Steve's tumblr site: Hard N Horny Stuff
I think you'll enjoy both and you'll quickly realize, Steve and I are brothers from another mother when it cums to our shared taste in smut!

Thanx Steve, job well done, beers on me!


Anonymous said...

A labor of love, no doubt. And I, for one, value the result.

But did you know that if you alphabetized the erotic male blogs on blogspot, ulfart comes in somewhere between uberhung and ultimatelysatisfying? Kind of makes you think.

jack said...

It's about time! I'm glad to hear that you did this with your fantastic artwork.

Anonymous said...

I am so HAPPY to hear this! Now we need to get your work published in some form of an art book which I think would be totally awesome!

I am telling all my Facebook friends to go check out the Tumblr page :)


dyn0 said...

WOW such a great body of work. I have a raging hardON now

Daddy said...

Ulf, he's absolutely beautiful!
Next! I claim, NEXT!!

Daddy said...

Ulf, don't forget I also have your work from 2002 up to today starting with http://www.daddyshere.com/ulf.asp! Including stories!


Ulf Raynor said...

This is Steve's baby, and he's done a wonderful job, many thanx to him.
Daddyshere has the most comprehensive collection of my work so far, plus the added bonus of being a great friend.
Gregorio, a was (a couple of years ago) offered a book deal from a French publisher, but they also wanted me to pull the artworks I had online if they decided to publish, and when I showed a little reticence in doing so, they started talking about downsizing to something more simple, to see how it went over...since I've never accepted money for doing something I enjoy doing, I just let the whole deal fizzle. My line of thinking then, was that I'm not fucking Walmart and I don't like being downsized, especially when I wasn't expecting to make any money off the deal.
Dyn0, now there's a visual I would love to see!
I consider it the highest compliment anyone could give me.