Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today In Gay History: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

March 8, 205 AD Heliogablus who became Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was born in Syria. The boy Emperor of Rome loved his men, but forced to create an heir married. He was so impressed with the pomp and circumstance of the marriage ceremony he did it again twice in one night taking as his husband a young charioteer named Gorianus who was described by a contemporary as "hung like his horse" and as his wife, a boy named Hierocles. The wedding night with both was consummated before the wedding guests. Eventually Heliogablus was killed by his enemies with a sword up his ass. They attempted to dump his body in the sewer, but when it wouldn't fit, they weighed him down and dumped him in the Tiber river.  

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