Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Odious, Lying Bigot, Bill Donohue Back Peddles After Invite To March In NYC Gay Pride

From The Towleroad:
Last week you may recall that pathetic Catholic League whiner Bill Donohue executed an EPIC FAIL after applying to march in the NYC Pride parade behind a "Straight is Great" banner.
Donohue, who was hoping to make a crass point about NYC St. Patrick's Day parade organizers excluding gays by having his application turned down by Pride organizers, basically turned tail and ran when his application was accepted, and used the sorry excuse of having to attend a mandatory information session about the march (which he redubbed a "gay training session") as the reason for his cold feet.
Now Donohue claims that NYC Pride organizers turned him down because they are worried that there would be SO MANY people who would join his bigot contingent of "Straight is Great" marchers that the parade would be overwhelmed.
The "gay training sessions" that Donohue claims take place, are safety and rules sessions required of all participants, according to organizers:
“These training's address line-up times, check-in locations, our moment of silence, dispersal activity, NYPD safety policies, attire and vehicle/sound permits. It is imperative that group leaders know this information.”

Says Donohue: "Quite frankly, as a straight guy, I don’t go to gay training sessions. I think I’m pretty much an untrainable guy when it comes to this thing."

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