Thursday, September 10, 2015

Black Gold

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centurionF said...

pic 8: stallion

I knew he was one of the guys in the `stud farm` near the shore. Rich women paid to get impregnated by the cream of the crop. We'd made eye contact before, but today he nodded. I said something dumb about the water being warm. He nodded again. I asked about his workout regime - what did he do to keep in shape for these rich old biddies? He gave one or two examples, but said his work kept him fit. I ventured to wade over and say he was in great shape. He gave me a flex. I went right up to him and felt it, from behind. I was naked too, and I couldn't help getting hard. He felt it, and relaxed back into my embrace. I reached round and found he was hard too. I was shocked at how ready he was for it. I gave him a slow jack, and within a few minutes he was breathing heavily and whispering `Oh man, that feels good`. His cock erupted with a fountain of thick white cream that plopped into the sea. I looked over his shoulder and kissed his traps, as he kept on dribbling spunk down his cock and onto my hand. I felt myself cumming, and shot up his back. I said `Damn, sorry about that bud`. He said `No probs dude, see you soon`. He somersaulted into the sea to wash off the sperm. I watched him splash out of the sea and do a couple of handsprings up the beach, his semi-hard cock swinging through the warm ocean breeze