Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Division 1 collegiate athlete Mason Darrow Comes Out As Gay


centurionF said...

coming out is finished

straights don't come out. Why should we? If you get `caught` cruising a guy, or having sex with him, or whatever, the response is `Yeah? So?`

coming out was a 20th century thing which was always of questionable value. All it does now is continue to stamp homosexuality as different, secret, and hence - shameful. Now, the only reasonable situation where coming out has any applicable validity is where the guy is married

Ulf Raynor said...

Couldn't disagree more.
You'd be correct, if str8 people treated it that way, but they fucking don't.
For many in this world, they live in fear of discovery, and rightly so.
In a perfect world, it shouldn't matter, but this isn't a perfect world and the shear bravery of some , who have to face the possibility of unbelievable mental or physical abuse by just revealing who they really are, is a testament that most of the world still treat us as something less than human, to pretend otherwise is presumptuous.