Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gimme Fur

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centurionF said...

last pic: ready for juicing

minor misdemeanours were dealt with in-house. The commanding officer took the matter in hand. Cpl Jarod Peters had pulled one of the girls away from her guy in one of the bars in town. A fight had ensued. Peters was the wrong guy to pick a fight with. An ambulance took the bloke away, and I had Peters report back to me in barracks. I found him stripped in my office, wearing the `cap of shame`. He expected to be jacked off as per usual. And he was. Eventually. A 90 minute edging had the guy reduced to a sweating, moaning wreck. A testosterone bonfire burning in his balls. And mine. When I eventually let him come - but in the agony of a hands-free cumshot - I was leaking muck in my pants. He grabbed his clothes, saluted and left, bollock naked - the barracks was all `family` and knew what was going on. I licked his cum off my hand, and finished myself off