Sunday, July 24, 2016

Deluded Gay Republican Shill Still Thinks The GOP Is Gay Inclusive

Rachel Hoff, the first out person to be part of the Republican National Convention’s platform committee, sees a brighter future for her party when it comes to LGBT rights. Last week, during the GOP convention, she pushed back against fellow delegates insisting on including the following in the platform: support of conversion therapy, a call to repeal marriage equality, and anti-transgender planks.

While her pleas for inclusion and tolerance were ignored, Hoff has hope for the GOP.

‘Outside of the platform committee, our party is ready to move on,’ Hoff said in an interview with Think Progress.

Hoff, a member of the Washington, DC delegation, noted how multiple party members came up to her last week to thank her for trying to move the party on LGBT rights.

‘A huge number of people have come up and thanked me for being their voice in the room,’ Hoff said to Think Progress. ‘It’s especially touching when it’s fellow LGBT Republicans. Most of the people are just people who want to see our party either fully support pro-LGBT policies or move on from anti-LGBT policies.’

There is evidence to support Hoff’s idea Republicans are prepared to ‘move on.’ Donald Trump is the first Republican presidential nominee to offer support to the LGBTI community in an acceptance speech.

‘As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from foreign terrorist,’ the nominee said.

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