Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

When an anti-gay preacher decided to visit a Virginia university yesterday (16 September), he was expecting a perfect opportunity to spout his nonsense for everyone to hear.
But it turns out, not many people could hear his sermon.
Instead, the James Madison University students gathered around the preacher, singing a song of love and tolerance. With one guy on guitar, the group begins to sing 'How He Loves', a Christian song by John Mark McMillon. And with it, you can't hear the preacher at all.
According to reports on social media, the preacher began his sermon by telling a gay couple holding hands they were going to hell. Once the song was finished, he told the large body of students they were headed 'straight to hell'. 'Jesus loves you all!' a student says in response.

I know many believe I am anti-Christian, and admittedly, I spend a lot of time and some effort on this blog, pointing out those who say they are Christian but are anything but.
It has been my experience in life that there are two types of Christians, those that use the religion to facilitate their own vile bigotries, their willful, obstinate need to feel superior too others and grind everyone else under foot.
Then there are Christians like these beautiful kids, kind, generous and full of love and caring.
People who listen and hope to make a better world through understanding, peace and fellowship.
There are many like these kids, but sadly, their voices are seldom heard, drowned out by the cacophony of hate spewed by fanatical, theocratic monsters bent on their own self glorification, the desolation of anything perceived different from them or just for the money, control and power.

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Anonymous said...

I too find it interesting how many "Christians" ignore the Jesus' two commandments:
-Love God with all your heart
- Love each other as God loves you.
Seems pretty simple, but people just love to complicate things.

I was asked by a former boyfriend why I still attend church, and my answer was easy: Jesus was the first well-documented case of a hate crime. He was persecuted and killed simply for who he was. And despite all that he not only forgave his persecutors, he loved them. That's what I am reminded of every time I attend mass, and I need that reminder every week.

Faith is about love, tolerance and forgiveness. Religion is simply about perceived control over another's soul.