Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rhetorical Christian Nonsense

First of all, they were being cowardly by not posting the whole scripture.
Secondly, I must surmise they don't believe that Jesus really is their savior...after all, didn't he say he came to fulfill the law?  Wasn't his very existence to address mans inability to live by the law.
Read Leviticus you morons, no one, not even the biggest holierthanthou Bible thumper can live up to the standards of Leviticus.
Yet, you insist we do?
Go fuck yourselves! 


Unknown said...

Yes they can all go fuck themselves!

Anonymous said...

By the time you read to Lev. 21 it turns into Hebrew porn.The real issue is that some guy wrote this back thenm claiming to speak for the Universe. That is the real abomination. And shouldn't it read 'Love the sinner, forgive the sin', since hate is anti-christian. Replace the word 'sin' with 'nature' and then you have the truth. Oh well. B