Monday, September 22, 2014

Speaking Of Hate Crime...

Yet, here it is Monday evening and still not a single arrest made.
When was the last time you can recall, that it has taken this long (with video proof no less) of an assault taking place where it has taken more than a week and half to make an arrest?
Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey has stated that there was more than enough evidence to warrant arrest (and that was on Monday)
He stated that investigators conducted more than a dozen interviews, reviewed footage of the incident and parsed through the different accounts that emerged.
Then, of course, tried explaining why no arrest have been made as of yet:
"You've just got a lot of people," Ramsey said. "Trying to sort through it all, as to who may have done what, who may have gotten physically involved - you have to sort through all these things. It takes a little time to do that."
I have an idea, why weren't they all arrested, they did steal from one of the victims after all, grilled 'em at the police station, you know, like they would have done with any other none white aggressor and thief.
These fucking people, collectively left the scene of a crime that involved traumatic injury that was so bloody, the cops who responded, thought someone had been shot. But these very same cowards, were allowed the "dignity" of one by one turning themselves in to be questioned (not arrested), after they had ample enough time too leisurely consolidate their stories and acquire legal council.
It's my sincerest hope, the feds step in and charge them with federal hate crime laws.

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