Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh, Really?

What's really insulting about this, the gay men were held and beaten, how can only three people be charged if that's the case?
Surely they aren't suggesting only three people accomplished that.
This report is misleading, these people still haven't been arrested, let alone formally charged...no, they will be allowed to turn themselves in tomorrow...or whenever is convenient for them I guess, maybe after brunch and cocktails?

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Anonymous said...

Try and figure out the disconnect in the police mentality that is adding insult to this aggravated assault on this gay couple by allowing these thugs to go free for so long. There is a different set of rules to enforcing the laws in this country based on race, sexual orientation,economic background and connections. Certainly more than three people were involved in this brutal beating. But they are white suburban middle class rubes in Center City for a night of drinking and displayed poor judgement and extreme homophobia who should be held to the same standards of punishment as anybody else. I can assure you had it been a group of blacks who did the beating they would have been sought more vigorously and their asses thrown in jail as soon as they were identified. If the gay couple had been black we never would have heard about it. America is a wonderful country and I would not live anywhere else as happily but what people do to each other here is sad- what people do to each other all over the world is sad and unnecessary.