Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Anonymous said...

#8 is John Kesler (altho this pic IS now years old) who first came to my attention on VistaVideo. My happy attention! VistaV was soft porn, altho they did tease us with a fleeting sighting of Mr. Kesler's cock. [John always presented himself like he was straight. Anybody have actual experience otherwise?]
#10 was said to be Alejandro Vega. Don't know if he ever turned around... That's ok, he can stay that way! Just gorgeous - could gorge on that all night!

Those 2 are my favs of this group of 10. Both butts pass my strict criterion of kissable, dickable behinds...
I could write a paean [Pronounced "pee on" - yeah one could do that, too, altho these glutes have so many ways better to please any connoisseur of kiesters. Someone like me.] - so, yeh, I could write a paean in praise of their posteriors - the perfection of form, their seductive allure, their perfect fuckability! OH, YEH!
Natch, I would rather have actually done IT to them, than warble about it.

John boy said...

Speechlessly eros-ive