Sunday, September 28, 2014

Naval Maneuvers

Anyone who knows me, also knows of my fondness for Brit bois (the nastier the better) 
In all the years I've been doing artwork, I can't recall ever doing a Brit military themed pic, so I decided to correct that oversight.


Anonymous said...

AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL JOB YOU DID--LOVE IT--ESPECIALLY LIKE THE GUYS IN THE UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER ON THE RAIL. WHAT IS THAT HE'S SHOVING UP HIS ASS. THANKS ULF- COULD YOU CREATE A REAL MUSCLE ORGY WITH A PILE OF GUYS FUCKING AND SUCKING EACH OTHER? An eleven man football huddle fuck? A rugby scrum with their shorts around their ankles coming in each other's asses? A naked volleyball game-losers bottom and winners topping them? How about a water polo theme with big muscled guys pullin down each others speedos and sticking two fingers up the opponents asshole or a slippery wet dick underwater--needless to say your art inspires fantasies--thank you

Scott- said...

What a wonderful job! As a Navy man myself I always loved a port calls in London.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a gay bar/fuck club somewhere in the world devoted to the Art of Ulf-- imagine poster size reproductions of your work with admiring naked buff men and bodybuilders in a clean dimly lit gallery setting having sex surrounded by your artwork. No cover charge for men wearing Boots Only. Thank You -