Sunday, December 21, 2014

In His Desperate Attempt For Relevance, Glenn Beck Only Proves How Insane He Truly Is

Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has dressed up like a 90-year-old version of himself to send a message ‘from the future’ warning against equality and diversity.
The conservative pundit and former Fox commentator sunk to new depths in the surreal segment for the Blaze.
In it, future-Glenn Beck from 2054 claims that 2014 was the year that sparked the downfall of society, playing a ‘miraculous’ clip of a heterosexual couple.
He says: “It was this year, it was 2014 that things began to accelerate, and people changed. I don’t know if it was fear or ignorance… but we all went dead inside, we all went numb, we all stopped seeing.
“40 years ago, your history books claim that was the dawn of progressivism, the dawn of a new beginning.
“This new era of equality, and diversity and tolerance, I beg to differ with your history book!”

Perhaps saliently, he rounds out the clip saying: “I’m not crazy. I was naive… but I was not crazy…”

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bdsmjack said...

Haha haha! He's totally serving Charlton Heston realness.