Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pat Robertson: being gay is unnatural because no one gets pregnant that way

 US televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson has gone on another bizarre rant about gay people, this time saying that he will change his mind about homosexuality being unnatural if somebody can show him a child conceived via anal sex.
‘If you show me one couple that conceived a child through … through anal intercourse — just show me one in all the world, and I will say, “I agree with you and you are right.” Show me one,’ Robertson said in a response to a viewer who had asked how married same-sex couples could identify as Christians if they read the Bible.
‘There are 8 billion people, 7 billion, show me one time when a child was conceived by that kind of sexual activity. It is unnatural, I’m sorry.’
Robertson also accused ‘the gays’ of being part of a left wing conspiracy to end Christian values in the United States.
‘Political correctness is trying to do away with Biblical values,’ Robertson said.
‘The gays want to control everything. This is part of the left wing agenda to do away with Christian values and to substitute for Christian values the … progressive concepts of morality.’

We can’t show Pat a person who was conceived via anal sex but we could point him in the direction of billions of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians (which humans eventually evolved from) who’s bodies only have the one opening for reproduction and excretion, called a ‘cloaca,’ who technically were all conceived via anal sex.

I think Pat might be onto something, I'm fairly certain it's because we aren't fucking enough.
Then again..Gawd just told me that there was at least one anal birth....I think he works as a televangelist...

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