Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'Ex-Gay' Leader Alan Chambers Can't Say He's Straight

In an interview broadcast Tuesday on cabler OWN, “ex-gay” leader Alan Chambers hesitated to say he was straight; instead he said he was attracted to his wife of nearly 15 years.
Chambers, the president of Exodus International, discussed with Our America host Lisa Ling his group's controversial decision to no longer support therapies aimed at “curing” gay and lesbian people. Exodus now says it is emphasizing how gay Christians can manage their same-sex attractions. For some gay men and lesbians that could mean celibacy, he said.
Only a few years ago, Exodus promoted the therapy in advertisements featuring Chambers and his wife, Leslie, along with the slogan, “Change is possible.”
Chambers now calls such claims “bizarre.”
When asked if he was heterosexual, Chambers gave a roundabout answer.
“I have to be honest and say of course I have temptations, of course I have attractions related to the same sex. But for over 15 years since I've been in a relationship with Leslie my attraction has been toward her. My devotion has been toward her. … She is the object of my desire. She is the object of my affection. I wouldn't choose anything or anyone else but her.”
“So, am I heterosexual?” he rhetorically asked with a shrug. “I don't know. I'm not gay. I have Leslie attractions.”

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