Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Serve Master


Rick said...

I want make swimmer Ryan Lochte serve me like this - wearing his little pink thong

Anonymous said...

This is a job for Superman! I'd sweep in there & grab hold of that miserable muscular Master! Who the fuck does he think he is?! Just because he is somewhat sexy - does that give him the right to humiliate & torture this young man?
After I'd beaten up that conceited, miscreant 'Master', stripped him nude & restrained him properly, so that HE couldn't move as much as an eighth of an inch in any direction - I'd free the erstwhile 'Slave'!
Together we'd fuck the sh*t out of that handsome bastard! Fuck him till the cum was dripping from both his orifices! He'd get kneed in the nuts then as a deserved punishment for wasting our delicious nutritious gonadal goo! That bitch!