Sunday, August 26, 2012

When He’s Not Busy Writing The Avengers 2, Joss Whedon Is Playing An Overly Gay-Loving Sports Agent On Husbands Season 2

When the LGBT web series Husbands premiered last year, I was an instant fan: The brainchild of Whedonverse writer Jane Espenson and performer/comedian Brad Bell, it envisions a world where gays and lesbians have the same freedom as straight people to get married. Including getting drunkenly hitched in Vegas. But when baseball star Brady (Sean Hemeon) and Chris Crocker-esque personality Cheeks (Bell) have a Vegas wedding, they decide to stay married lest the media use them as an example of gays not taking marriage seriously.
Season 1 consisted of several two-minute webisodes, but season 2 is changing up the format. We get three ten-minute episodes (the first premiering yesterday on, and we also get a bevy of geeky cameos. Espenson brought in several recognizable faces from the Buffy family—see if you can spot all of the Whedonverse cameos!
Here’s one I’ll tell you off the bat: Head honcho himself Joss Whedon! His part wasn’t a surprise because it got announced a while ago, but his performance was an unexpected delight. Whedon has popped onto TV only very occasionally, and usually not as someone you’d recognize; fans know him as Numfar doing the dance of joy on Angel, and that’s about it. But he’ll have a recurring role in Husbands season 2 as Brady’s agent Wes.
See, Brady is openly gay but very low-key about his sexuality… or at least, he was until he got married to Cheeks, who likes to tweet out their morning kisses and other risque photos. That’s where Wes comes in as damage control. What I absolutely loved about Whedon’s delivery was his skewering of industry types who pretend to be completely tolerant and LGBT allies when really they’re just spouting bullshit. Thirty seconds into his part and he’s saying things like “I’m with you, sister. Rainbow. Power” and “You know I’d gay-march on hepatitis-infected glass to change things.” It’s Whedon’s wry, satirical humor all the way through.
I can’t wait to see him pop up in future episodes, plus to find out which cameos they got for the rest of the season. (happy sigh) It’s so good to see Whedon back at the forefront of things again, playing assholes while writing The Avengers 2. It’s everything I could ever want.

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