Saturday, August 18, 2012

Max Mutchnick: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Would 'Take Away Rights'

Openly gay Max Mutchnick, who created the NBC comedy sitcom Will & Grace with David Kohan, is concerned that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would “take away rights” from LGBT people.
Appearing on cabler CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Mutchnick noted Vice President Joe Biden's mention that Will & Grace had influenced Americans on gay rights, then added that he hopes Partners, the duo's upcoming comedy, would have a similar effect on President Barack Obama.
“All I can hope for is that Partners does for President Obama what Will & Grace did for the vice president. Because it's just been amazing to hear such a high profile figure talk about a television show. I mean, it was similar to listening to Dan Quayle talk about Murphy Brown,” he said.
Mutchnick added a Romney-Ryan win could set back the gay rights movement.
“They're very clear about wanting to put something in the Constitution that would limit rights. And that's not going to be good,” he said.

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