Monday, December 28, 2015

Gimme Fur

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centurionF said...

pic 9: football jock

I looked up at him. Suddenly the penny dropped, as I realised what room he must have come from. A ghost of a grin passed over his face, and he gave a slight nod

my guts churned. I whispered `Condom?` He shook his head, and looked even cockier

I got up on my knees and put my mouth round his cock. I tasted my wife's juices, and the floury taste of his post-cum. Suddenly he put his big hand firmly on the back of my head and made sure I went fully down on him. He didn't use both hands - the cocky bastard knew he didn't need to. He started humping his hips into my mouth, and he was hard. The sweetness of his dick at that moment was the best thing I've ever tasted. He cum again. I choked, but he wouldn't let go of my head. I swallowed it all. I dropped my head and stared at the floor. He wiped jizz onto my hair, padded away, and turned on the shower