Monday, December 28, 2015

I Wonder What Eurovision Would Be Like Without Gay People...

A contestant on Israel’s singing competition series ‘The Next Star’ has received criticism for performing an original song that mocked gay men with lyrics about a man who ‘craves butts’ and ‘drops the soap’.
Some 200 complaints about the song were reportedly sent over the weekend following Maor Gamliel performance of ‘Leave the closet’ on Friday to the Keshet production company, which produced the series for Channel 2, according to the Times of Israel quoting the Haaretz newspaper.
The Times reported that gay rights group National LGBT Task Force had called on LGBT rights supporters to send letters to the production company to protest the song.
Show officials say the song, which was written and performed by Gamliel, was meant to be humorous.
The lyrics go, ‘Moshiko [a diminutive Hebrew form of the name Moshe], is interested in boys, Moshiko, craves butts, Moshiko, always in the showers, ignoring the girls, dropping his underwear, dropping the soap, should be in the theater, come on already, leave the closet, Moshiko.’
According to the Times, the judges and audience laughed during the performance, and the show’s openly gay host Asi Azar has urged critics to take it with good humor.

The Second Authority for Television and Radio, the public regulator of Channel 2, is said to be examining whether the song’s lyrics have violated Keshet’s tender obligations.

The video for this song is even more offensive, showing "Moshiko" wearing pink shorts and shoes, while the singer sings the song in a field full of fruit trees.
At one point while dancing side by side, Moshiko hugs the singer, only to be shoved away and the singer walking away from him in that "Hey I'm str8 bro, no homo" way.
This is the second song submitted (that I know of) that either mocks the gay community or outright condemns it (the now withdrawn German entry)
If this is what one can expect from Eurovision this year, I think I'll pass.

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